The Shocking Connection Between Kirk Douglas Natalie Wood


Everyone must be knowing Kirk Douglas, an eminent American star, writer, producer, director and what not. Demised last year, he wrote many deeds in his good book. 

But every coin has its two sides. This coin too was having. He has a shocking connection with Natalie Wood which is surely going to give you goosebumps. 

Stay on to process what we are trying to say about Kirk Douglas Natalie Wood connection!

What exactly happened?

It happened in year 2012, Kirk Douglas was alleged of doing sexual assault to Natalie Wood. Yes, you heard it right!

That time Natalie Wood was just 16. She was under her teens. It is claimed that Kirk beat Wood very brutally and used to rape her on regular basis, as known from the sources.

Source of news:

According to actor Robert Downey Jr., Kirk has assaulted Wood almost 9 years ago in a hotel room. And after that, he denied to even recognised her, laughed on the rumour and said that it was all buzz created against him. 

The details matched is claimed to be right, making this news to be true.

When there is fire, there is heat too. In the same way, it is buzzed that Natalie Wood has an affair with many actors, directors and writers too. To get more, she can sleep with anyone. There is nothing wrong which Kirk did.

This is indeed a shameful statement made for any women. Disgusting! 

Is there any testimony of this accuse?

Yes, there is one!

Natalie’s sister Lana Wood has stamped this rumour to “The New York Times” that her younger sister has been sexually molested at the young age by an actor who was very older in age than her. But!

Though Lana Wood has not disclosed the name of accuser but her point was clear. Rape was done at Chateau Marmont Hotel situated in LA, as per Natalie told her sister. 

Story of that black day:

On the occasion of success party of “Rebel Without a Cause”, this happened. When the little girl told the incident to her mother, old lady suggested her to stay quiet and keep it a secret.

Typical disgust thinking of old society about the girl, that you have to remain quiet if anything wrong happens with you. Otherwise, you will be exploited by media and the society. 

Natalie Wood’s story:

As it is known to all that Natalie died in 1981 in an accident which has left many stones unturned, has never uttered even a single word about that incident in her lifespan. But in 2012, the news came out accusing Kirk of that incident of raping Natalie Wood when she was just a minor.

Here is the link to a memoir which Natalie Wood wrote just before her death- 

Tribute to Kirk Douglas:

Kirk Douglas will be remembered to many iconic roles, works and writings. His place can never be taken by any other actor. Her is a small tribute to Douglas and his characters. 

Irrespective of all the old allegations put on him, he will always be in our heart. 

Kirk Douglas did at 103.

Final words:

The exact story of Kirk Douglas Natalie Wood has not been confirmed and can never be. If there was something wrong, Kirk was paid off in his life span only but if there were some silver linings, then he was safe. 

He was a great actor, but it will always annoy his fans that he passed away taking this much huge allegation on his head. 


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