The Silent Sea: Release Date, Plot, Cast, and Preview!!

The Silent Sea: Release Date, Plot, Cast, and Preview!!
The Silent Sea: Release Date, Plot, Cast, and Preview!!

Netflix is back with a Netflix Original series, a Korean fiction thriller-mystery drama. The Silent Sea, also known as The Sea of Tranquility it is based on the respective short-film. 

It is more hyped as the K-drama fans are going to see Gong Yoo returning in the lead role, after his last series which became a great hit of 2017. 

Release Date for the show!!

The show was announced back in December 2019. It has been more than a year since its announcement, but the official release date is still awaited. The development is seemingly going slower than expected. The release date is not confirmed yet, all we know is that the series is in the line-up of Netflix’s 2021 releases. 

Production Details!!

There are going to be eight episodes. The series is shot in the direction of Choi Hang-young and it is written by Park Even-Kyo. The executive producer is Jung Woo-Sung, and the production company is Artist Company. 

The development of the series started in August 2020 whereas the list of the cast was released in April 2020. There are no recent updates on the progress of the filming. 

The Silent Sea: Release Date, Plot, Cast, and Preview!!
The Silent Sea: Release Date, Plot, Cast, and Preview!!


As already mentioned, the series is adapted from a short film, The Sea of Tranquility. The whole story is set in the future era where the Earth is all deserted. The story takes place on the moon where a team is sent to the Balhae Base research station in the search of some mysterious sample from the earth. The research station is shown as an abandoned facility on the moon. 

As the series is going to run in eight episodes, there can be some changes or extensions in the plot as compared to the short film from which it is adapted.


The main cast includes Gong Yoo appearing as Han Yoon-Joe. Gong was last seen in the popular series, Guardian: The Lovely and Great God. Lee Joon is going to make his first appearance after his discharge from the South Korean military. He is playing the character of Captain Ryoo Tae-Seok. BaeDoona, the female lead, will be seen as Doctor Song Ji-an. She has worked in three Netflix Originals already. This is her fourth appearance on the Netflix platform. 

As supporting cast we have Heo Sung-Tae and Lee Moo-Saeng as Kim Jae-sun and Gong Soo-hyuk, respectively. 

So get ready to enjoy the upcoming show.



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