The Simpsons boss responds to fans criticizing new episodes

Source: Digital Spy

The Simpsons has been on the air since 1989, with over 700 episodes dedicated to the cartoon family. However, since it has been going for so long, some fans believe it has passed its prime.

Founder Matt Groening, on the other hand, has defended the show, slamming the critics and admitting that he enjoys the more recent storylines.

According to USA Today, Groening said: “I’m a big fan of some of the crazy things we’ve done (lately). We’re now inundated with animated shows involving bumbling fathers and their wacky families.” So, while The Simpsons aren’t the only wacky family on the block, the stories we’re hearing these days are both clever and bizarre.”

“The show is such a part of the pop culture landscape that it has been discovered by whole generations,” he said.

Source: Digital Spy

Because of the way things are streamed these days, you can view the show’s entire history at any time and see how it has evolved over time.”

I have some suggestions for people who grew up watching The Simpsons but now feel it isn’t for them. Check it out once more: The satire and animation content are also excellent. I’m very proud of the group’s accomplishments.”

Groening went on to say that he wasn’t troubled by the fact that viewership wasn’t as high as it used to be.

He said, “I don’t think about that stuff at all.” “I consider the strength of our fans’ reactions and strive to make them as happy as possible.”

“It’s perfect if it comes with big numbers.” Let’s keep it a secret if they don’t.”

Matt Selman, the show’s creator, recently defended the show after a recent episode altered the timeline by portraying Homer as a teen in the 1990s.

“Because The Simpsons is a 32-year-old show with no ageing characters, the ‘canon’ must be elastic / inconsistent / silly,” he wrote earlier this month on Twitter. “It isn’t to say that other classic @TheSimpsons flashback shows didn’t take place.

“None of this came to pass. It’s just a ruse. Every episode is a Groundhog Day that only makes sense in the background of the plot (if that).

“There is no such thing as ‘canon’ or ‘non-canon’ in @TheSimpsons. There are just tales to tell. If all of these bizarre events occurred in one household, the characters will be sent to a psychiatric institution.”

The Simpsons is also available on Disney+ in the United States and the United Kingdom.


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