The Simpsons Showrunner Discusses Its Future Possibilities, Here Is What You Should Know

Source: Chicago Tribune

Al Jean, The Simpsons highlight, talked about the future of the show and this will stop whenever it feels – if ever.

With today’s 700th episode (21 March) as well as the latest extension for at least 2 different more seasons, the audience can be certain that several more episodes are to happen.

Al Jean told Variety, the executive producer, “We will certainly do 757.” “The end I would not call, but how far we can go I’m not sure.”

Jean feels the show like The Simpsons is never gone because the audience is so wide; someone else is going to take his place if it gets ever cancelled.

Source: Yahoo News UK

“Whenever they cancel us, they’ll restore us,” he said.   “After I’m gone, I’m glad there was some ‘Simpsons.’ It’s far too typical to believe that it will really vanish.”

While Jean stays silent to achieve 1,000 events, last week when the show’s renewal was a great pleasure for Matt Groening, for which he said: “Everybody at The Simpsons is exhilarated that they have been renewed again and we plan a lot of big surprises. “Homer is going to lose a strand of hair, Millhouse has contact lenses, and Bart is going to turn 10. “My best thing was to uncross fingers, at the start,” said James L Brooks, managing producer. The Simpsons are now available in the USA and UK on Disney+.

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