The Smart Way The Jack Reacher Novels Are Being Adapted For Amazon

Courtesy: Trendsmap

Fans of television series and movies know how much they lose out in terms of content while enjoying their favourite book on the screen. Makers of highly successful movie/tv show franchises like “Harry Potter” , ” Game of Thrones” have admitted that runtime constraints are the main reasons why “everything” can’t be shown on the screen.

But it seems the producers of the upcoming series of Jack Reacher has cracked how to incorporate both content and constraint at the same time.

The main character is to be played by Alan Ritchson. He recently said they are planning on covering a whole book within a season to pick out the necessary plot points and events , so that it is really enjoyable throughout for the audience.

Courtesy: CinemaBlend

The series is inspired from a well known book by the British writer Lee Child. With the first publication ‘ Killing Floor’ in 1997, Lee has gone on to write q total of 25  Jack Reacher novels till date and have sold some 60 million volumes worldwide. The book is based on the title character Jack Reacher, a retired US Army Major, who now serves justice in his own way while traveling through United States and Europe.


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