The Society: Season 2 : Filming stopped, resume doubtful now


It’s a good day and we are happy to welcome you back here. Hola peeps, ready to make your good day better by checking upon some new updates with us? Today’s update will be all about Netflix’s ‘The Society Season 2’. So, let’s get started.

The American mystery cum teen drama show that is Created by Christopher Keyser was originally released on May 2019 and maintained a good bonding with its audience by having an IMDb of 7.1/10. The show was ready to release another season and its production was at its peak when sadly the filming of season 2 of ‘The Society’ was stopped due to the corona virus pandemic and now resuming the production of the show seems doubtful.

Has the show been cancelled? If yes then for what reason? Read along with us to know the details.

The Society Season 2 Releasing or not?

We don’t want to upset you with this news, but sadly, the show has been added in the list of all the other Netflix shows that have been cancelled by the Netflix team.

The show was getting ready to drop in 2020 for its fans and the work was going on for the same but the production stopped because of the obvious health reason during the pandemic and now Netflix has officially declared on 21st August 2020 that there will be no second season for ‘The Society’.

 ‘The Society Season 2’, reason behind the cancellation

Like we have already mentioned above, one of the major reasons for its cancellation is corona virus pandemic, not just that but there is one more reason behind the cancellation.

The pandemic has shaken the world economy and many major and important projects are facing budget problems because of the same reason, ‘The Society’ seems to be facing the same problem, i.e. the budget.

Netflix also said that without a proper budget, it is difficult to manage the whole cast at once and so the show got cancelled.

The Society: Season 2

The pandemic has strongly affected our lives and the affect seems to be staying with us for a very long time. Although the show might return for the sake of its fans when the things get normal and sorted out, it is difficult for us to say when will that happen.

For now, you can re-watch the 1st and only season of the show by clicking on the link given below.


Also, if you wish to keep a track of all the details related to the show, you can check it out on their official twitter handle. Click on the link given below and keep a track on your favourite show’s whereabouts.

We don’t like bombarding our friends with such sad news but we have to do what we are supposed to do. But you don’t worry reader, there are many more happy news that will be coming your way. Just stay tuned and stay connected because you cannot miss out on any of them. So, see you the next time reader, stay safe.

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