The Society Season 2 Recent Updates and Information!


A teenage wed series with drama and mystery is a show created by Christopher Keyser. The series did a premiere on Netflix in May 2019 on Netflix. This series shows how teenagers feel and the emotions they go through. The teenager’s struggles, stress and anxiety is beautifully shown in the series. It received a huge reception from the fans and did very well in terms of performance. 

Season two was signed off and fans are waiting for it. It scored a huge seven out of ten (7/10) scores in IMD in 2020. Despite being such a successful show there will be a delay in the release of the second season. The precautions and preventions needed to be taken due to the pandemic coronavirus there is no news about the season to commence. The makers have not confirmed the filming or launch of the new season as of now.  There is no official statement which talks about the release date of the season. If we try to be super optimistic and assume that there will be a season two soon then we can expect the release of the show somewhere in late 2020 or in 2021. 

The Society Season 2 Recent Updates and Information!

What we can expect to see as the cast is Kathryn Newton as Allie, Jacques Colimon as Will, Toby Wallace as Campbell, Gideon Adlon as Becca, Sean Berdy as Sam, Jack Mulher as Criss, Alex Fitzalan as Harry, Kristine Froseth as Kelly, Natasha Liu Bordizzo as Helena, Olivia De Jonge as Elle, Jose Julian as Gordie, Selen Qureshi as Bean, Alex MacNicoll as Luke, Spencer House as Clark, Emilio Garcia – Sanchez as Jason, Olivia Nikkanan as Gwen and Grace Victoria Cox as Lexile.

There is no clue about what would be the story of season two look like but we assume that it would be on the line of season one with some new and interesting dwelling plots. No insight into what would happen to Allie And Will, will they live or die is a question unanswered.

That’s all, for now, will keep you posted with the latest updates. Till then stay safe.


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