The show centering on the Spanish Princess and wife of Henry VIII, Catherine of Aragon has completed its season 2. The show is based on real life events and even though we know that Anne was the cause of Catherine’s downfall, we do not know exactly how she did it.


In the 8th episode of season 2, which is the final episode of season 2, we saw that the marriage of Henry and Catherine came to an end when Catherine suffered a miscarriage and failed to provide Henry with an heir to the throne.

The incident almost prompted a divorce between Henry and Catherine which Henry will be able to procure with the help of Thomas Boleyn and Maggie Pole later. Catherine was ok with the miscarriage until Anne showed up. From the very first meeting Anne started charming Henry with her looks.

Henry fell for her instantly and started to court her. In the later part of the episode we see Anne stripping nude in the garden in front of Henry. She allows him only to see her and says in order to touch her, he had to marry her. Henry was charmed with Anne’s body and angry with Catherine’s miscarriage.

As he was eager to get in bed with Anne, Henry divorced Catherine at the earliest. In this way by using her body and the helpless situation of Catherine, Anne was able to bring the heaven down on Catherine.

You can watch the season 2 of ‘The Spanish Princess’ on the Sony Liv app. Do share your views on the same in the comment box.


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