The Stand 2020 Miniseries ending explained

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The ending of The Stand 2020 minseries had significant changes from the book’s endings and raised multiple questions. 

2020’s The Stand miniseries ends on a rather ambiguous note, and the ending can be explained in a number of complex ways. Stephen King himself wrote the coda episode, and it varies from both endings included in the novel, both the original close and the modified ending he updated in his 1990 unabridged edition. The characters are largely the same, but the ending of the Josh Boone-created miniseries presents a new twist on the classic story, answering some questions but raising others.

Why Do Frannie And Stu Decide To Leave Boulder?

Frannie went through an emotionally difficult pregnancy, one fraught with anxiety as one might expect of being pregnant in the middle of a pandemic and post-apocalyptic wasteland. The last month of her pregnancy was even more difficult, Stu having gone to Las Vegas with the others making the final stand against the Dark Man. With Mother Abigail having prophesied on her deathbed that one of them would fall, Frannie can do nothing but wait and hope that the man she loves, and the one who was to be the adoptive father of her unborn child, will return safe and sound.

The first few weeks of her baby’s birth are even more difficult. Stu is still MIA, and Frannie’s baby comes into the world seemingly healthy, but soon contracts Captain Trips. The next few weeks are a life-and-death struggle for the baby as the Boulder community waits to see if the newborn will live or die. By the time Stu makes it back to Boulder, Frannie has been worn down with the stress and anxiety, not just from worrying about her baby, but also from being the only remaining Boulder councilmember and the town’s last connection to Mother Abigail. It was a role she stepped into reluctantly and never expected to hold forever.

Who Is The Mysterious Young Girl Who Helps Frannie?

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In the final episode, Frannie falls down an old abandoned well on the property of a home they’re staying at overnight. Her body is twisted and broken: A leg broken in multiple places, a fractured hip, a blown-out knee, a potentially fractured skull, broken ribs, and blood coming from her mouth indicating one of those broken ribs has potentially punctured her lung. She’s in a bad way, but once Stu finally returns home and pulls her out, he’s aided by a mysterious girl (Kendall Joy Hall) who miraculously cures Frannie’s fatal wounds in seconds. It’s an act of God, a type of resurrection, and the cross the girl wears around her neck, the doll Kojak finds being the same as the one seen in Frannie’s visions of Mother Abigail, and her authority: the girl is Mother Abigail’s spirit reincarnated.


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