The Star Of Cruel Summer Debunks Fan Theories Ahead Of The Season 1 Finale

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Allius Barnes, the star of Cruel Summer, has disproved a key fan theory prior to the season 1 finale.

Also on Freeform and Hulu thrillers, the actor plays Vince, who investigates if Jeanette Turner (Chiara Aurelia) observed Kate Wallis (Olivia Holt) being held hostage with their school’s vice principal Martin Harris (Blake Lee) and stayed quiet.

The very first eight episodes of the show saw Jeanette initiate a defamation case against Kate, although both girls denied lying and fueled a slew of perplexing fan theories along the way.

One such idea concerns Annabelle’s origins. Annabelle, who first appeared in episode 4, seems to become a person or something presented to Kate by Martin during her period in captivity, and with only two episodes left, Allius had thrown out one possible outcome: Annabelle is not Kate or Martin’s alter persona.

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“A humorous one is that Annabelle is Kate or Martin’s alter-ego, and that Martin has handed on just this distinct personality to Kate and taught her to become another person,” Allius told Elite Daily.

“That was a little out of the ordinary. It sounds like a fantastic concert. Regrettably, it is not ours.”

Another frequent hypothesis about Annabelle’s identity is that it is the name of a rifle that Martin keeps.

Others here have speculated that Annabelle is indeed an ex-pupil of Martin’s or Mallory (Harley Quinn Smith) in disguise, and with “all the answers” to come, viewers should brace themselves for a dramatic last two episodes.

“We understood we had to use it correctly,” Cruel Summer showrunner Tia Napolitano previously told TV Line. We realized we had to tell the whole truth. We couldn’t fool the crowd.

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