The stars of Guardians of the Galaxy and This is Us come together for a new movie


Wyatt Oleff and Chrissy Metz of the Guardians of the Galaxy and This is Us have teamed up for a new film that addresses important topics.

In Stay Awake, which has recently completed up filming, are Oleff, who played the new version of Peter Quill in Guardians, Stanley in The It movies, and Metz, who plays Kate Pearson in This Is Us.

As shown above, Metz’s mother, Michelle, struggles with her reliance on prescription medication, which affects her connection with her family. The movie concentrates on the serious topic of opiate use.

In the meantime, Oleff plays Ethan, the younger son, who prepares himself to move up his life and go forward. AGENT OF SHIELD’s Fin Argus agents play their elder brother, Derek, who has renounced his efforts to unite the family.

“Metz added, “But we believe we owe it to the lives lost, those who are forever transformed and still fight this issue… we rarely see the perspective and how deeply they are affected when caring for their addicted parent… It is an honour to participate in this endeavour.”

Oleff remarked that “Stay Awake is the biggest storey I have had the chance of telling.” In addition, the host of a brand new reality show, Metz, was unveiled last month.



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