The story of Pat Phelan is revisited by Corrie after Todd makes a discovery


A shocking discovery is made at the undertakers by Todd Grimshaw as he revisits Pat Phelan’s homicidal story. David Brocklebank’s Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) dumped Todd (Gareth Pierce) after his recent scheming, while Tony Maudsley, Todd’s undertaker boss, stood by him.

Next week, Todd decides he wants to thank George for sticking by him while everyone else had turned against him because of his dishonest behaviour by presenting him with a gift. As George looks on, Todd gets to work on a thorough clean-up of the undertakers’ storehouse, hoping to please him. George, on the other hand, appears to have something to conceal as he tries to hide his displeasure at Todd’s rummaging.

Todd arrives from the storeroom clutching the ashes of the deceased Phelan, enraged that George has been keeping them from his mother Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver), who was married to the villain at the time of his death. This confirms George’s worst fears. In retrospect, George reveals that he has never told Eileen about the ashes because he has been unsure how to handle the issue.

The question is, what will Todd do with his newfound knowledge? When Eileen is reminded of her prior husband, who was proven to be a calculated murderer after they married, she is likely to feel miffed.

As soon as Eileen learned the truth about Phelan’s true character, they had a terrible battle on a clifftop, which culminated in him seemingly plunging to his death – but it was subsequently shown that he had survived, and he returned to the cobbles to resume his reign of terror.

His old enemy Anna Windass killed him after he had shot Michelle Conner and Nicola Rubinstein, Phelan’s daughter. When it comes to moving on from her horrible experience with Phelan, Eileen has already struggled, since she has found it impossible to be intimate with her former love interest, Jan Lozinski. Is it possible that this finding may set her back even further? There will be a repeat of these moments on ITV’s Coronation Street on Friday, August 27, at 7.30pm.


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