The Stranger Season 1: All You Need to Know


Are you a reader as well as a Netflix fan? If yes then I have a show to add to your watch list. Trust me you won’t regret it. The name of the series is The Stranger, an adaptation of a famous novel written by award winning author Harlen Coben. Let’s explore more insights


In season 1, Adam Prince, a family man, goes ahead to discover the secrets of people close to him after he came across a web of secrets.  Season 1 reveals that Adam is unaware of just a few facts now about his connection with the Stranger. The rest of the plot is not known yet but as time passes, we will get to know more about the details.

Release Date 

With the end of a thrilling season 1, the fans demanded a season 2 as soon as possible. But, currently, no release date for season 2 has been released. Though there are expectations for the release of the new season in early 2021 but it might be delayed as the production of any movie or series is paused due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The Stranger Season 1: All You Need to Know


Richard Armitage will play Adam Price, Misha Handley will play Ryan, Jacob Dudman will play Thomas, Anthony Head will play Edgar Price, and Siobhan Finneran will play DS Johanna Griffin. Any updates or changes will be notified to you all. 


No trailer of the new season has been released yet. There are chances of the release after the showrunners declare the final release date. 

Till then watch season 1 you won’t regret it. Never miss a chance to grab some chips and popcorn and watch a British thriller series. And the stranger is giving you all opportunities to do so. What are you waiting for then? Get started. 


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