The Stranger season 2: Is Strangely Back In Business


It’s a very 1st time on Netflix where instead of leading the show with some main characters and story around him or her, they employed a STRANGER to play the main role in the show and a family is working around the plot created by the stranger. Sounds thrilling, right?

 The Stranger series is a mystery-thriller aired on Netflix on 30th January 2020. The series is written by Danny Brocklehurst based on the novel “The Stranger” by Harlan Coben. Season 1 has a total of 8 episodes and the shooting of this series took place in the year 2019 in Manchester City. 

Due to its mysterious secrets, the series became very popular and too much addictive until it finished to know all the answers for the viewers like you and me. Season 1 ends on a cliffhanger, and hence we need to look up for another season to get the mysteries resolved.

 The show has got 83% rotten tomatoes rating and 7.3/10 IMDB ratings. In a very short period of time, the show has received a lot of popularity too due to its plot, cast, and picturization.

The Stranger season 2: Is Strangely Back In Business

Trailer and all about season 2 release date:

There are many unanswered questions left at the end of Season 1 so the creator stated that there will be a season 2, however, there is no proper declaration of exact dates. From the sources, we got to know that season 2 will be releasing around mid-2022.

 Cast Of The Season 2:

Richard Armitage as Adam Price (The first person in the series who approached by the stranger)

Siobhan Finneran as Detective Sergeant Johanna Griffin

Jacob Dudman as Thomas Price (the eldest son of Adam)

Misha Handley as Ryan Price (Youngest son of Adam)

Hannah John Kamen as the stranger.

 The Storyline:

A mystery woman with a baseball cap approaches Adam and tells a secret regarding his wife. He confronted his wife and the secret affected her so badly that his wife goes missing soon after. After this incident, the whole life of that family goes upside down. They are not the only ones, but there are many other families who are blackmailed by the same stranger.

 The Upcoming Season Plot:

There is a lot of content in the book “The Stranger” to be explored in the upcoming series. Hence the creator would be adding a few more secrets to the storyline going forward. 

 At a young age of 20, The Stranger girl seems quite smart and knowledgeable in carrying the secrets of the people whom she is blackmailing on a regular basis. In the next season, we will be getting to see the insights of the life of Adam, which will open an entirely a new phase of the upcoming season and it will reveal the mysteries behind the questionable relationship between the stranger and Adam.

 So, stay tuned with us to get more updates and get ready to be amused by action and adventure packed thriller: THE STRANGER Season 2.


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