The Suicide Squad 2021, star John Cena and Idris Elba are now booked for another movie together


In the upcoming year, John Cena and Idris Elba are about to extend their DC Universe debut, with the help of Suicide Squad, where John Cena will be playing Peacemaker and Elba will be playing Bloodsport. Both the actors will be working together in the Heads of State.

No details for the plot of Heads of State is revealed yet. Peter Safran, the producer, who was working on Suicide Squad felt positive about the chemistry of Cena and Alba, so he decided to book them up for another movie.

According to the Deadline, the Head of State is acquired by the Amazon Studios. But we are not yet sure if it is going to feature on Prime videos or it will be a theatrical release.

While both the stars worked together for the first time in the Suicide Squad, both of them had already given their own blockbuster hit.

Elba had featured in the The Dark Tower, Hobbs & Shaw, and Star Trek Beyond and of course the Marvellous Heimdell of Thor. Cena has give a hit in he Suicide Squad, 2021, the Transformers spinoff Bumblebee, and he will be seen in Fast & Furious movie, F9 as well.

Amazon Studios had made a quick move in getting the Heads of State, while the project was pitched by Harrison Query. In the meanwhile, the Suicide Squad is still an year away, but we know the fans are still impatient as we are to see both the stars working together and beating up bad guys.

Check back for more updates.

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