The Suicide Squad: Star Joel Kinnaman Said the Upcoming DC Movie Is R-Rated


The next DC movie to hit theaters is the Suicide Squad, a movie that Warner Bros is planning to release in the first part of 2016. To date, two of the movies that Warner Bros has released have been met with underwhelming reviews, and the Suicide Squad is widely believed to be another of those.  

What the stars are saying about the movie?

In order to make the movie into something more that may appeal to more mainstream audiences, some concessions may have to be made. That’s exactly the word that star Joel Kinnaman is using when talking about the content of Suicide Squad. In a recent interview with Digital Spy, the upcoming Harley Quinn co-star stated that the movie is going to be in line with the tone that Zack Snyder created in the DCEU films.

“I’m a huge fan of [Zack Snyder]. It’s definitely in line with his version of what he’s done. When I watched it I was blown away by the impact that he had in terms of how he could scare you, but you never really felt like he was straying from what makes it scary. It’s just so incredibly well-done.”

The Suicide Squad: Star Joel Kinnaman Said the Upcoming DC Movie Is R-Rated
The Suicide Squad: Star Joel Kinnaman Said the Upcoming DC Movie Is R-Rated

Kinnaman also revealed that much of the time that Suicide Squad is spent in the trailer that has been released so far will be the parts that are rated R in the US. There’s a lot of sex and nudity and there’s a lot more blood, and so the R-rating is going to be huge, especially with the violence,” he said.

Expected things are not going to happen

Unfortunately, for those wanting to see Kinnaman play the Joker, there may not be much in terms of that type of content in Suicide Squad. According to Kinnaman, there’s only a very small amount of Joker that will be featured in Suicide Squad, and that he’s not going to be playing the role of a whole Joker.


As Kinnaman mentioned, it’s been confirmed that Suicide Squad will be much more violent in order to compete with the recently released Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. A trailer for the upcoming movie was released on March 7, and it was so graphic that some viewers were shocked that WB was releasing it at all.

The fact that there was so much violence in the trailer caused some people to compare it to a Resident Evil movie. Stay tuned with us and enjoy reading.



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