The Third Day – Experimental Live Event Ruined Sam’s Journey!


Hello Readers! Welcome Back! In this tough scenario everyone needs a booster in their life which heal these pandemic prints and regains your energy! 

On that note, we have got an update on the Third Day, which was a remix of three interconnected story.                                                                  

 It is a drama television mini-series full of grief, pain and emotions, directed by combo Marc Minden and Philippa Lowthrope and scripted by duo Dennis Kelly and Felix Barrette. 

The amazing and sensitive show was released on different dates at different places like In the United States this show is going to release on channel HBO on 14 September 2020 and on Sky Atlantic on 15 September 2020. 

The emotional show explains the journeys of two different individuals who arrived on a mysterious island at different times. 

The series is named as third because it is divided into three interconnected stories. First one ‘Summer’ in which a man drawn to an island and encounters a group of islanders to set their own traditions. Second one ‘Autumn’ is broadcasted after first one in London.                                                                 

Third one ‘Winter’ in which an outsider with a strong self character will arrive on the island to solve the queries.      

How did the experimental event ruined Sam’s Journey!

In first three episodes, show delivered a slow burn by engaging the mysterious couple into love, who later trying to figure out the ghost who stalked Sam. 

While investigating he confront that he had a dark connection to his past natives and the pagan rituals, and due to which he accepted his role as Osea’s father. 

Now, the second live-event ‘Autumn’ took 12 hours in which directors decided to showcase Sam as Esus, the wrapped war god and Celtic version of Jesus, however it looks to dull and exhausting and due to this boring idea, the amount of viewers declines drastically from 2700! This so called scripted ruined Sam’s journey and image due to which both autumn and summer parts are not loved by viewers!

Will the Winter Enlighten the show!

In third part, Sam becomes a crowned king who unfortunately falls off and drowns, buried and resurrected, finally worthy of being crowned king and the story of Sam’s characters ends. Viewers also see Jess who had an betrayal affair with Sam and wants to keep him in Osea but also shows deep affection and love for him by sleeping on his grave.

 As the story is moving towards the end, directors also revealed about the ghost who stalked Sam in the beginning Summer part, the ghost was non other than his own son Nathan, who is not a ghost but an alive and well character. 

So, frankly, this show wasn’t gained everyone’s like due to lack of haunting atmosphere and emotions. The event has so much dead space that fans are just waiting for it to he over! Take a look on the short review readers, 

But, don’t worry folks, go and watch out the triological show, maybe you’ll love the series as everyone have different taste! And don’t forget to share your experience with us! Stay tuned!                                                                   


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