The Underrated Kevin Costner Drama Black or White Taking Off On Netflix

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Who don’t knows Kevin Costner with amazing acting gained the most remarkable careers in Hollywood. He played some magnificent roles in many blockbuster movies like The Bodyguard and Bull Durham. No, we are not leaving his biggest blockbuster Man of Steel. Kevin played Superman’s father role from where he received immense fame in Hollywood. 

Recently, we saw Kevin Costner amazing everyone with his superb acting in the series Yellowstone by Paramount Network.

As per reports and fans reaction Kevin never going to old for his supporters he will always stay in demand. Moreover, it’s almost four decades since he is in Hollywood and his films still attract nearly all age groups even if they are released a few years back. 

The point in case is Kevin’s popular film, Black or White, getting lots of positive response from the audience and doing exceptionally well on Netflix even after being released a few years back. The streaming platform brought this movie on the 2nd of March, 2021. The movie originally was released in 2014 and more to this didn’t take much time to get listed among the ten most-watched movies till date in the U.S.

However, Black or White when originally released haven’t received such spotlight and gained a very less revenue of just $22 million worldwide. But things changes with time and even the dull gets a bright shine, the same we say happen with this movie which just got a second life on Netflix.  

Black or White- 

It’s a perfect combination of the thought-provoking parable which is about the race of relation in America along with a bit of family drama. 

Mike Binder, is the man behind this amazing storyline who wrote and directed the complete movie. The complete storyline was all around Elliot Anderson the man in the lead role who is been struggling with alcoholism. This scenario came after the wake of his daughter and wife stage of dying.

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Later going through this condition he became the caretaker of  Eloise, his daughter’s child.  However, everything got messed up and the movie got a sharp turn after both grandparents started believing they are the best ones to look over the child. This situation got more critical and pushed both to enter the courtroom in the hope to be Eloise legal custody.

This is all we know from Kevin’s famous movie Black White getting huge popularity after being released on Netflix, if you liked our read then do check our website for more such entertainment updates. And let us know if you have any queries or suggestion regarding our read.


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