The Undertaker gives his statement about watching WrestleMania 37

Source: Comic Book

This year’s Wrestlemania was definitely difficult t watch. However, this has been confirmed by the WWE legend The Undertaker after finally putting an end to his 30-year career. The Undertaker (real name goes by mark Calaway) had his Final Farewell at Survivor Series last November. His last WWE match was with Wrestlemania 36.

Calaway confessed that after watching the show from home, he began second guessing himself over his retirement plan that he had planned would go into execution. That first ballyhoo of fireworks seems to have disturbed the legend a bit. He said that so much of his history really revolves around WrestleMania and since it gets really hard whenever he is to look at the screen watching the same.


We can totally understand his emotional state right now. He has given away so many years to the franchise that it feels weird to watch the show without him for us as well. Calaway also mentioned that he felt it was really the time to retire when he had been in his Boneyard Match with AJ Styles last year. He didn’t wish to shortcut the fans by continuing the streak.

When he was asked whether it was possible for him to enjoy WWE now as a fan whilst he appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience, he said that he is trying the same and really getting close to it as well. He also mentioned that it is getting a bit tough for him as the product has changed ever since he has left and become a little soft rather. He also stated that this statement of his would piss off many others but the truth shall prevail.


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