‘The Undoing’: Get to Know the Characters of HBO’s Latest Whodunit


The Undoing, is a new drama show which is supposed to be premiering on 25 October, 2020 in HBO. The show directed by Susanne Bier and produced by David E. Kelly follows the life of a therapist who discovers that her husband might be responsible for a widespread attack.

Before the show starts, we thought it would be a great idea to go through the characters of the show to enjoy the show more fully!

Grace Fraser

She is the protagonist of the show, a successful therapist from New York City, successful enough to publish her own book. Her life seems perfect, until her husband goes missing. This character is played by Nicole Kidman.

Johnathan Sachs

He is Grace’s husband, played by Hugh Grant, who has allegedly killed a person. He is a pediatric oncologist, who treats young kids with cancer. He has always been a supportive husband and a loving father. Also until he goes missing…

Henry Sachs

He is the son of the couple, played by Noah June, has always known a sophisticated life and attends a private school in NYC.

Joe Mendoza

He is detective, who investigates the murder by Johnathan Sachs. He is rather a bully and hurts Grace. This encourages her to take matters in her own hands.  This character is played by Édgar Ramírez.

These are the main characters who would be featured along with Elena Alves, a poor but intelligent girl who attends the same school as Henry and some others.

Hope this update was helpful! Stay with us for the latest update on The Undoing!


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