“The Unsettling” season 2: release date, cast and plot. All you need to know.

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Directed by Adam Epstein and Andrew Jacobson, the second season of horror series “The Unsettling” is on the way. If talked about season 1, it got mixed responses from the critics with the IMDB ratings of 5.1/10. 

Here you will get every news related to season 2 of “The Unsettling” which we have got. 

“The Unsettling” 2 release date: When to watch?

Season 1 having 8 episodes was released on 18th October 2019 on Hulu and on 15th July 2019 on HBO Nordic. 

You can download the whole season 1 from the link below-


According to anticipation, there is no further news related to the release of season 2 of the series. But can be assumed that it will be here by late 2021 or early 2022. 

Season 2 will be a completely different story as season 1 was ended on a satisfactory note. 

“The Unsettling” 2 cast: who will be seen?

It is the highest possibility that former actors are going to refresh their role. Here is the short list of them:

  • Holly Taylor as Becca
  • Marguerite Moreau as Fia
  • David Clayton Rogers as Jason Werner
  • Tequan Richmond as Connor
  • Willow Shields as Maya
  • An-Li Bogan as Nadine
  • Noah Grismer as Dominic

But it has been known from the random rumours that Alex Lange, Olivia Taylor, Lora Martinez, and Douglas Bennett are not going to be seen in season 2.

“The Unsettling” 2 storyline: what can it be all about?

Courtesy: Deadline

The story knits around a 16-year-old girl, Becca who arrives at her ancestor’s home to spend vacation in an isolated area. After reaching, she realised that her siblings- Maya, Nadine, Connor, and Dominic were not liking her that much but her 11-year-old brother Fia was very much fond of her. 

But she never utters even a single word and tries to cooperate with them as much as possible. In between her mental struggle of adaptation, she starts to experience some supernatural things around her.

It is the story of Becca and her courage of fighting with all the odds and flourish in a new environment. 

Season 1 was all about the evil effect of the place and tries to get kids to get rid of it and season 2 will most probably focus on new residents of the same mansion and their experience with evil.


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