The “Unsolved Mysteries” season 2 trailer is out and it gives chills


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Here luck is in the favour of mystery story lovers. Netflix has finally decided to end the waiting period of criminal story lovers and going to release it’s season 2 of the great American thriller episodic show “Unsolved Mysteries” on 19 October 2020 during the Halloween season. It has announced the news by sharing the post on social media.

Just like its previous season, season 2 will also be full of six episodes with equal exposure to spook with lots of thrill and fear. All episodes are titled as “Washington inside murder”, “Death in Oslo”, “Death Row Fugitive”, “Tsunami Spirits”, “Lady in the Lake”, and “Stolen Kids”.

Recently, Netflix has released a glimpse of season 2, which shares the voiceover asking about the importance of enquiring about the person who died 25 years back. 

Then another voice follows and answers that it is very important for someone’s family to know what happened to its loved one. It looks like episodes are going to concentrate on murder, disappearance, and a pinch of supernatural element.

Season 1 trailer: 

Season 2 trailer: 

If talked about the season 1 of “Unsolved Mysteries”, it comprised of six episodes that were premiered on 1 July 2020. All episodes were full of spook, thrill, goosebumps, and thrill. Whether it is “Mystery on the rooftop”, or “13 minutes”, or “House of Terror”, or “No Ride Home”, or “Berkshire’s UFO”, or “Missing Witness”, no episode was lagging to fill its audience with suspense. 

The same expectations are with season 2. You all can be a part of these mysteries by having a Netflix account with its membership.

“Unsolved Mystery” is an episodic series of stories full of crime, thrill, and suspense with a pinch of fear. It was premiered on NBC during 1987-1997 with seasons 1-9.

 Next on CBC from 1997-1999 with next seasons 10 and 11. On Lifetime from 2001-2002 in seasons 12 and 13. On Spike with only season 14 and finally on Netflix with season 15 and 16. Season 16 is yet to get released and the trailer has been out.

The Netflix seasons are the reboot of their old episodes with modern essence and Mystery lovers must give a try to the series. 


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