The Untold Truth Of Wednesday Addams

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She might be okay, she’s creepy, she’s altogether kooky – but adding an ounce of angst and mystery, you get picturesque of Wednesday Addams. Some have strange families but with strange affection and love. 

Even after being amid queer happenings, she has parents Gomez and Morticia, who always get her back. Apart from that, she just has a couple of family members to rely i.e. on, Pugsley, her goofy brother, and her shagadelic cousin. 

Undoubtedly, none of the comics, TV shows, or movies will come with such scornful content and character. The smart as a whip little girl, Wednesday’s fascination with macabre can creep anyone out. It comes with no surprise that the character Wednesday has ample secrets up her sleeve. Fans of Addam’s Family are unaware of her perplexing background and ambiguous behavior, which is next to come soon.

Actual born of Wednesday as a character?

One thing which is many of our adored readers are not familiar with, that Wednesday got her start as a character long before she emerged on television. Most of the fans have a misconception that Wednesday Addams was first introduced on-screen. But her debut came on the 60’s sitcom ‘The Addams Family’. 

In a comic strip by Charles Addams, an American cartoonist, she got her to start up in his imagination. These woeful tales were written by Charles first appeared in 1938 in ‘The New Yorker’. But as his name was Charles Addams, he wrote “Chas Addams” as his signature. It was a peculiar tactic by C. Addam to name his character using his last name. We’ll probably never know, what actually was going in his mind.

What was Wednesday’s name in the 60’s comic strip?

Maybe this relatively straightforward movie based on Addam Family appeared again, intending to give Addam’s daughter a name because, in that comic, she was a nameless character.

From smiles to devilish grins

It was ticklish and effort-full to give a 6-year-old girl an intimidating behavior without overloading demonic blend. Surely, Lisa Loring maintained her versatility and prompted an “aww” reaction rather than”aghh”.

Courtesy: ScreenGeek

On Wednesday we wear ashes

Let face it that we like to channeling Wednesday Addams, our inner angsty. But those who are unaware of the reason behind her pallid complexion, it’s that she wears ancestor’s ashes every Wednesday. Rather if you go through the makeup video of her, they used “Dry N Somber lip chalk,” “Coverghoul’s Depressed Powder,”  to give her such a look.

To now more mysterious and puzzling facts about Addams Family stay tuned to this site.


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