The Village ending explained


Mr. Night Shyamalan’s The Village that aired on July 4, 2004 had received many criticism as audience didn’t know how to judge the end.

After his career on stake, Shyamalan’s fans had expected more from The Village. However, the movie already had a strong base story in their mind. Let’s have a little chit chat on The Village’s ending and what the audience expected out of it.

The Village is circled around “Those We Don’t Speak Of.” The movie features some terrific creatures haunting the village people including the children. Playing the role of two young lovers Joaquin Phoenix starring as Lucius Hunt and Bryce Dallas Howard starring as Ivy Walker had decided to marry. In the meanwhile, the terrific creatures were reaching the border of The Village.

Apart from the horrifying creatures, the most terrific thing that we have witnessed in the movie was Adrian Brody starring as Noah Percy stabbing Lucius multiple times in his shop. He did this because he loved Ivy and so he decided to take out Lucius.

Here comes the most controversial thing about The Village. First of all “Those We Don’t Speak Of” are not any horrifying creatures but some people of the village disguised to make the tales of beast come into reality.

Another twist involved Ivy to travel across the border of Walker Wildlife Preserve. In order to get medicine for Lucius, it was revealed that the village had its existence in the modern day Pennsylvania. Taking the help of park rangers who guards and protects Walker Wildlife Preserve, Ivy was finally able to obtain some modern medicines that was required to save Lucius’s life.

The Village is one of those movies that is lately gathering some appreciations by the people revisiting the movie including those who didn’t earlier. You can stream The Village on Amazon Prime Videos.

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