The wait is over for Line of Duty’s fans!! All the updates for the sixth season!!

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The longest wait ever is over as Line of Duty has returned with its new season. Yes, AC-12 has started streaming the drama on 21st March 2021. The previous season of the anti-corruption drama was an explosive hit that came out in 2019. Since then viewers and fans are waiting for the sixth season of Line of Duty. 

We have some latest updates for you so just scroll down and get to know about it.

Everyone is back with some more excitement!!

Yes, your favorite characters are back. If you have not seen the first episode yet then let us tell you all the upcoming things. Alert!! Spoilers for Line of Duty Season 6 ahead!! In the latest season, we will witness Superintendent Ted Hastings, Detective Inspector Kate Fleming and Detective Sergeant Steve Arnott, Martin Compston, and Vicky McClure again with an amazing story.

Something that might sadden you is that each episode will be aired weekly on Sunday but for this bad luck we have some good news too. You will have an extra episode this time which means that the story will take around seven weeks to complete. 

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The cast for Line of Duty Season Six!!

We will see the leading roles reprising their roles as AC-12 trio and all the names mentioned above will be seen again. But there is someone whom you will see for the first time in this series. Kelly Macdonald is all set to play the role of Detective Chief Inspector Joanne Davidson. She will be leading a team that is investing in an important and high-profile murder case. Other names in the list include Brune Franklin, Andi Osho, Prasanna Puwanarajah, and Shalom.

The story of the latest season is difficult to predict. But if we make an assumption then it can be said that AC-12 will continue the search of the fourth corrupt police member. 

As the first episode of the latest season is already aired, let us know about it and comment down your reviews on the first episode of the sixth season. Stay tuned with us and enjoy getting all the updates.


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