The Walking Dead: First 10 Major Characters Who Died (In The Comics)

The Walking Dead: First 10 Major Characters Who Died (In The Comics)
The Walking Dead: First 10 Major Characters Who Died (In The Comics)

When it comes to TV series, we can usually predict if some character will die or not. Sometimes, unexpected deaths do happen and they end up leaving us the most scarred. But when it comes to the Walking Dead, such predictions don’t work.

Any character can die anytime in the show despite their importance. Here we have made a list of ten major characters who have died at the start. Read on to find out who!

#10 Amy

She traveled with her sister when she was bitten. At the end, it was her sister who was forced to let her go. It broke Amy but she does come back, recovered, in the comics.

#9 Jim

It was so painful to watch Jim die though death was the most forgiving thing to happen to him. The poor lad had to see his own family die in front of him before he himself transformed.

#8 Shane

Though in the show, Rick killed Shane, in the comics Shane was the one planning to kill Rick as he was getting between him and Lori. After finding out about his plan, Carl (Rick’s son) kills him off within the first few issues.

#7 Julie 

Though she never made it to the show, Julie was actually Daryl’s daughter who decided to go on a suicide pact with her boyfriend. But after she died, her boyfriend backed out making her death seem meaningless.

The Walking Dead: First 10 Major Characters Who Died (In The Comics)
The Walking Dead: First 10 Major Characters Who Died (In The Comics)

#6 Susie and Rachel Greene

This was so gruesome that their deaths never made it to the show. When the survivors were initially put in the prison, they didn’t know if the prisoners could be trusted. But their doubt vanished as soon as they saw Hershel Greene’s kids’ corpses.

#5 Carol

Carol’s character is the most different from that of the show. Instead of becoming a strong woman, Carol becomes needy and begs Rick to marry her too so that Carol, Lori and Rick could be a family. When she was denied, she walked into a zombie and sacrificed herself.

#4 Tyreese

In the comics, it was Tyreese, instead of Hershel as shown in the show, in issue #46 that was held hostage by the Governor. When Rick chose not to give in to his demands, he took out Michonne’s katana and cut off Tyreese’s head to show he meant business. So, technically Hershel escaped in the books.

#3 Lori Grimes

Though the show basically revolved around Rick protecting his wife, Lori dies during childbirth. But in the comics, we see her being gunned down as she tries to protect Judith, her baby.

#2 Hershel

Hershel is the ultimate example of the “glass is always half full” types. Despite the grim situation, he held himself strong. But he does end up dying in the comics in issue #48 at the Governor’s hands itself.

#1 The Governor

His death probably the most iconic as he himself caused the death of three of our favorites. In the end, one of his own people shoots him and shoves him into a horde of walkers.

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