The Walking Dead Star Says he Collapsed and Sobbed


Tyler James collapses while filming

The Walking Dead Star Tyler James collapsed and sobbed while trying to film the death of his character. He was in the midst memory of the shooting the final scene in which he dies, he played the role of Noah a survivor.

He was eaten alive by a horde of walkers while going on a supply run in the series in its 5th season. He also mentioned that the scene left a profound effect on him, filling him with tears.

He was horrified for that moment but was happy for a fact that he could live as Noah in front of the camera.

He also tried to remember the incident that occurred after, when Yeun tried to comfort him by patting on his back and whispering that since you have given him a death you have to let him go

He said while on an interview that he has never really had an experience like that, and it’s one that kind of bonded Steven Yeun and him for his, the life he has never been able to kill a character and let them die and experience that with him in a very traumatic way.

They were supposed to do the scene, and they have to do the moment where he gets slammed against the glass, and that has to play out because they would talk and he was like, ‘There’s no way I can jump and cut into just a scream ‘

The season 10 finale of The walking dead is set to premiere on October 4



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