The Walking Dead: World Beyond’s Nico Tortorella is the queer superhero we need right now


 The plot of The Walking Dead is such that any character survives for atleast two episodes after its introduction, seems to be a main character at that point.

The Walking Dead: The World Beyond, introduces a new set of heroes that are unlike any viewers have previously seen. These ”endings”, as they call themselves, represents a much younger generation that grew up in a world where safety is a myth, and its crawling with the dead. 

   What interests us more than anything else is the introduction of a queer character that binds the story in an amazing way. Felix is played by Nico Tortorella, a forerunner of inclusion and queer representation. 

   The new series is based on almost the same timeline as the previous part, except it is shown from the viewpoint of the younger generation. The movie brings out the complete picture of the apocalypse over Americas.

    Nico is reportedly excited to see Felix and Rick Grimes pair up and take over the world. Speaking of his queer hero character, he believes every human being is a super hero, with special powers of their own. Felix is not defined by his sexuality, its only a part of him.


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