The Walking Dead’s bonus episodes are vital, but they’re missing one key ingredient

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While production on most shows were deferred or halted totally over this previous year, it’s unusually fitting that The Walking Dead really profited by every one of these changes. Indeed, the season 10 finale was delayed, which at that point thus pushed back season 11, yet the authors were likewise ready to exploit this by creating six extra scenes intended to overcome any issues between seasons.

During a roundtable talk with Digital Spy and other press, showrunner Angela Kang guaranteed that these additional accounts would be “fundamental” to The Walking Dead in general. Also, presently we’re three scenes in, plainly Angela wasn’t overstating.

In the main portion of season 10c, we’ve effectively seen ‘the covered man’ exposed, met another gathering called the Reapers, and maybe above all of all, Daryl was at last given his very own sentiment following 10 long, forlorn years.

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Scene three (or 19, contingent upon what you look like at it) didn’t bring any game-changing improvements of that size. In any case, saying this doesn’t imply that ‘One More’ is less significant than the extra scenes that went before it.

Indeed, Gabriel and Aaron’s story is maybe the best yet, foregrounding two long-running yet regularly sidelined characters while likewise returning the show all in all to its foundations.

In the midst of the entirety of the developing networks and advancing side projects, it’s not difficult to fail to remember that The Walking Dead is above all else a frightfulness show, one that dishearteningly investigates dystopian life in reality as we know it where the dead are not so dead all things considered. In the decade that is followed, the establishment has unavoidably developed more perplexing than that, and as it should be, however there’s as yet something invigorating about the manners by which these extra scenes strip things back down to the essentials.

Toward the beginning of ‘One More’, Gabriel and Aaron are on the chase for provisions utilizing a guide given by Maggie. On this specific excursion, the help of the more extensive local area has been taken out, bringing out the beginning of the end times when individuals needed to battle for themselves. Furthermore, kid, are these two knackered.

Out and about, everything without exception could be a likely risk. Goodness, you see throughout the entire grass? Better toss an egg clock in there and awaken every one of the resting walkers covering up inside. Extravagant checking a grocery store for provisions? Ensure you hack off every one of the grabby arms jabbing out through the messed up windows. Furthermore, don’t even get us going on that walker who strips his own spine off a post in the slowest, most nauseating way imaginable

These early scenes are unusually splendid in their straightforwardness, advising us that prophetically catastrophic life isn’t simply unnerving — it can likewise be dreary and debilitating.

Things aren’t all ghastly however. At a certain point, Gabriel even figures out how to get a couple of giggles in when Aaron screeches during a canine assault. Pause, that is in reality lovely inauspicious still, in a clever, dreary sort of way.

After that experience, the pair open up in an obscure structure and drink $2000 bourbon while eating some pig meat they find inside. Things are delayed now when Gabriel starts to open up with stories from quite a while ago. What follows is a clever tale that fleshes the minister’s story out while likewise allowing entertainer Seth Gilliam to sparkle during his long-take discourse.

These calmer minutes revive the two characters, however as we as a whole know, harmony doesn’t keep going long on this show. “Detestable individuals aren’t the exemption for the standard. They are the standard,” says Gabriel, and after awakening with an aftereffect, his words are before long affirmed by a dreadful more bizarre who asserts the structure they stayed in bed is his.

In the wake of uncovering that he utilizes Bible pages as bathroom tissue, Robert Patrick’s character at that point rolls out a tied-up Aaron and powers the pair to play Russian Roulette. But, rather than just shooting themselves, Mays likewise gives them both the alternative to shoot each other all things considered. “It’s not about the pig. It’s about edification,” he says, attempting to legitimize how much this end of the world has wrecked him.

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Being the stunning individuals they are, Gabriel and Aaron decide to pull the trigger on themselves each time, rather than killing one another. Fortunately, the firearm isn’t completely stacked, and the pair endure sufficiently long to reverse the situation on Mays. Truth be told: subsequent to contending that individuals are characteristically acceptable, Gabriel at that point slaughters his captor, realizing that it is highly unlikely Mays might join their local area without putting others in danger.

As though that weren’t sufficiently discouraging, Gabriel and Aaron at that point find that Mays was likewise holding his own twin sibling hostage in a mysterious room. Similarly as they go to free him, the sibling shoots himself in the head.

This dull, skeptical tale is quite possibly the most vital scenes that The Walking Dead group has created as of late, and it didn’t highlight any of the vital participants. That in itself is a demonstration of everybody included, also this new character-driven methodology that was received for the extra scenes.

Be that as it may, one of the current week’s most tense scenes wasn’t quite as tense as it ought to have been, featuring a more extensive issue with season 10c.

At the point when Gabriel and Aaron pull the trigger on themselves, the actual scene is elegantly composed, yet there will never be any dread that one of them could really bite the dust. Certainly, that protest can be leveled at a lot of shows — how frequently are lead characters nonchalantly slaughtered off? — however The Walking Dead is somewhat unique in such a manner.

Beside vital participants like Rick and Carol, the characters on this show are undeniably more expendable than most, regardless of how much watchers may like them. This constant feeling of authentic dread for our saints has consistently been something that is helped separate The Walking Dead from different shows, particularly in the good ‘ol days. In the event that anybody can pass on out of nowhere, the stakes are in a split second far higher.

Sadly, given that these extra scenes were added subsequent to composing for season 11 started, it appears to be amazingly far-fetched that anybody ambiguously significant will snuff it before the finish of this additional six-scene run. Saying that, it’s conceivable that the scholars have rejigged season 11 due to what occurs in these scenes, however and, after its all said and done, it’s difficult to accept that anybody like Aaron or Gabriel is really in any genuine peril at the present time.

Obviously, the show shouldn’t spin exclusively around characters biting the dust, however in our current reality where zombies exist and “malicious individuals aren’t the exemption” (as Gabriel calls attention to), it’s significant that watchers accept anybody can be executed anytime.

That is an issue numerous hero stories face due to how frequently characters resurrect, and that is additionally a difficulty that season 11 will battle with as well, at any rate with regards to Carol and Daryl. Regardless of how risky things get for them, we realize that they’re both going to endure sufficiently long to star in their own side project. Fortunately, that is not really valid for the remainder of the cast, particularly since they’re going into the show’s last season.

Without a doubt, losing these stakes in the extra scenes may house their effect to some degree, yet as Angela Kang said, these new stories are still “necessary”, and not due to how they advance the more extensive story. Moving into the last season, these additional parts focus a truly necessary light on characters we’ve developed to adore, extending their accounts in manners undeniably more significant than an unexpected passing at any point could.


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