The Wilds on Amazon Prime Shows How Teens Need Counseling


    Many different shows on streaming services and TV demonstrate how critical counseling is and how it helps individuals. The Wilds on Amazon Prime is a series about teenage girls who get stranded on an island. Each episode illustrates how difficult it is to be a female teenager. The series shows that teens desperately need mental health care. Here are some of the characters on the Wilds, what they struggle with, as well as how counseling could help them.

    Issues with sexuality and identity

    Shelby is a blonde girl from the south. She has entered beauty pageants and won them. Her family is wholesome and ultra-religious Christians. Shelby struggles with a secret: she is a lesbian. She doesn’t realize her sexuality until she falls for her best friend. When her parents discover that their child is a lesbian, they panic and send Shelby on a therapeutic retreat hoping it will “heal her.” Shelby’s story shows how teenage girls need to validate their gender and sexual preferences. Many teens are told that they are not allowed to be who they are, including their sexual preferences. For teens struggling with identity issues and discovering their sexualities, counselors can provide an incredibly safe space.

    Aggression problems

    Toni is a Native American girl who is openly gay. We see her find love with her girlfriend, who adores her. Toni’s life appears to be going well. Unfortunately, there are people in the town that she lives in that are homophobic and don’t tolerate differences. One night when a group of men tries to attack Toni and her girlfriend, Toni lashes out and tries to fight them. In the process, she accidentally hits her girlfriend’s face. This causes Toni to experience a wide range of intense emotions, including anger and guilt. When teens are dealing with strong emotions and trauma, reaching out to a licensed counselor can help. Speaking with a counselor can help people cope with emotions in healthy ways, while safely healing from trauma.

    Romantic relationships

    Being a teen is intense for multiple reasons. One of them is that teenagers struggle with understanding love. Leah, a character on The Wilds, falls for a professor who is much older than her. It’s an inappropriate relationship, so she lies about her age, saying that she is almost 18. It’s normal to be impulsive as a teen. If she had had a therapist, she could talk about her crush; maybe she would not have made an impulsive response to having this inappropriate relationship with an older man. It’s important to note that even if Leah pursued the professor, it is always the responsibility of the adult to not engage. A teen therapist can help empower teenagers to make smart decisions, and to understand that an adult seeking a relationship with a minor is not healthy, and can cause damage. Counseling is something that can teach teens to make informed decisions and take care of themselves.

    It’s okay to seek help when you are a teenager who is struggling

    The Wilds shows us that teenage girls struggle with real problems. If you’re a teen that needs help, it’s okay to seek the support of a mental health professional. If you are the parent of a teenager who is struggling with mental health issues, don’t be afraid to help your child get the mental health support they need. Read more about mental health at Therapy can be a wonderful place to explore mental health issues and find ways to cope with traumatic experiences as well as everyday life concerns.


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