The Winds of Winter Latest Updates on Release and Storyline


The Winds of Winter is the upcoming 6th novel with the genre of epic fantasy, written by the writer and novelist George R. R. Martin. This time also, this sixth novel is going to be published by Bantam Spectra (US) and Voyager Books (UK). The novel is basically over 3000 Manuscript pages as per stated by the author itself. This novel is preceded by A Dance with Dragons and followed by A Dream of Spring. 

Too many delays to release the novel that has caused many fans to left with curiously frustrated because Martin has been telling us for 20 years that The Winds of Winter is coming. In this COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, the writer got enough time for completing the novel as he twitted that he was writing. The Winds of Winter everyday on March 2020 which is good news for fans to reduce their exaggerated eagerness. So let’s further move to know more about The Winds of Winter.


Many of the stories and some Characters of the previous books of Martin are linked with the Winds of Winter book.  So the Fans must sure to acknowledge or keep the concepts of previous books of Martin in the mind while reading this book. As per the statement of Martin, he said that there is the opening of two big battles which is on Ice and Meereen both togetherly known as Slaver’s bay. 

The Novel’s story will start after the close of A Dance with Dragons, where a survivor Victarion Greyjoy chapter will begin in the Slaver’s bay. Fans may only expect the storyline as per clues given by Martin, the winter is that time where things goes worse, as white clouds of snow prohibits to enter sunrays and cold and ice and darkness cover the world, which may add thrill and sad sentiments to the readers. These also suggest there may be crazy and vicious villains overwhelming the protagonists. This proves that the readers of this novel will sure to enjoy the Goosebumps while reading.

The Winds of Winter Latest Updates on Release and Storyline


As per the confirmation of Martin, the main characters of The Winds of Winter are Sansa Stark, Arya Stark, Arianne Martell, Aeron Greyjoy, Theon Greyjoy, Victarion Greyjoy, Tyrion Lannister and Barristan Selmy. There are also chances of Areo Hotah and Melisandre but it’s not confirmed. Basically, you can see the characters are from the Worldcon, Balticon and the previous book A Dance with Dragons. Surprisingly, Martin proclaimed that the new viewpoint characters are not added for The Winds of Winter.


Finally, the hopes of fans will meet soon because of Martin has announced his ending the writing stuffs. The delay was a reason for releasing. The Winds of Winter because of the Game of Thrones series ended with not meeting the popularity expectations of Martin. So, the author made serious efforts of refining the plot before the book being the best for meeting popularity as estimated by him. At last, we know specifically hope the book will be finished and released in this year.

 Hopefully, Fans might get the published copies in the end of this year and also in the first months of year, 2021 because it will match the book name with season of winter months but as the releasing date is not officially proclaimed.

So, stay tuned with us as we always blow out the upcoming entertaining stuffs!


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