The Wire – Wendell Pierce Views!


Hello folks! Today we are discussing a strange topic of one of the oldest show The Wire.      So, Let’s see the connections of The Wire!                                                   

This is an American crime drama television series created and developed by David Simon and broadcast by the cable network HBO in the United States. The first show was premiered on June 2, 2002, and finally ended with a sum of 5 seasons and 60 episodes till March 9, 2008. This show basically introduces the different institutions of the city and its relationship to law enforcement in each season.

Ratings and Reviews

This whole show had earned great ratings and reviews from critics. The writing, directing, acting all had got immense appreciation and love from the audience. According to rotten tomatoes also it got 94% audience score and 9.3/10 reviews.

The Wire – Wendell Pierce Views!

Wendell Pierce Views!

Some people thought that this show was a glorification of policing in America but this is fully wrong and the situation is totally opposite. These responses is taken by Wendell personally which he even agreed on and stated, ‘ I know I sound defensive and I probably am, The Wire is personal for me. The Wire is also Art. The role of Art is to ignite the public discourse. Art is where we come together as a community to confront who we are as a society, decide what our values are, and then act on them’.

 Wendell is wondered that how anyone can claim anything disfigured about the show after twelve years of the end. He stated in his interview with NME, that he still felt proud of how this show depicted the police force in America. In one interview he also discussed his latest project, Chinoye Chukwu’s hard-hitting Clemency. In this, he plays the role of husband of a prison warden.            

So, to know more about Wendell’s latest show Stay Connected and Stay Safe!


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