The Witcher: Season 2 Any new update on its production from the officials and arrival hints


Hola peeps! Hope you are doing well. This pandemic has forced us to stay at home quarantine to keep ourselves alive and healthy. Many people have found new hobbies to keep themselves engaged and some are doing their work from home. But there’s one thing that is common amongst all of us and that is Netflix and chill to distract our mind from all the negative news around us and also to keep u ourselves entertained.

So today we will give you all the information about another Netflix show called ‘The Witcher’ season 2, so that you can watch another season of your favourite show to Netflix and chill.

Oh, and did we forgot to mention that ‘The Witcher’ season 2 has officially been confirmed. Have a look on the link given below to read its official announcement on Twitter.

The Witcher Season 2: Plot

Remembering the last season of ‘The Witcher’ we have witnessed how the storyline of the show was very irregular and bumpy. The constantly changing timeframes created a lot of confusion for the viewers to catch up with a few things, so now, the makers have decided to make the plot more smooth, linear and confusion free for the audience.

Going back to the season 1’s finale which bought all the threads together, made things clearer and confusion free for the audience, season 2 is expected to start exactly from that point. So, get ready to witness a huge rise in the tension between humans and the non-humans because that is where season 1 ended, right?

The Witcher Season 2: Cast 

Although the season 2 of the series is expected to have the exact same star cast as season 1 along with a lot of new introduction, looking at the current reports, it has been fixed that the season 2 will be having an entirely different set of directors than that of season 1 and Netflix has already confirmed who they are; Ed Bazalgette, Sarah O’Gorman, Geeta Patel and Stephen Surjik have already been hired for this job.

The Witcher Season 2: Release

The release of the season 2 of ‘The Witcher’ is expected to take place in 2021. Although the exact date of release has not yet been confirmed by the makers, it is estimated that the show will come up in August 2021

The shooting of season 2 has not yet started due to Corona and hence, makers are unable to calculate the time it will take to release the show.

Looking at the other details

In case you are not aware about the fact, the show is actually based on a series of book called The Witcher, which had a lot of parts in it which will ultimately lead to having a lot of parts of the online series as well.

Having an IMDb of 8.2/10 suggests that the show was hit amongst the audience and the season 2 should definitely be watched. 

We hope we are able to convince you that the upcoming show is worth your while, after all who doesn’t want to Netflix and chill? So, stay excited for the show and stay tuned with us.

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