THE WITCHES: Latest Announcements


In the direction of Robert Zemeckis, there is an upcoming American film named The Witches which is based on the ideal novel The Witches written by Roald Dahl and also slightly based on the original movie The Witches of 1980s. Thus, this upcoming film is said to be a rebooted version. Fans will see the genre elements of fantasy and comedy. 

There are too many fans of the novel already that The Witches has already brought up the curiosity among fans to see the new outlook of the existed story. Having said that,let us move ahead to know more information related to the original film The Witches.


Fans will get to see The Witches as a usual storyline which is based on the novel and the original old movie wherein little boy and his grandmother, living in a hotel interferes in a meeting of witches. As a result, the Grand High Witch in her anger changes the boy into a mouse. Though the script has been set on the lines of basic story, however, we can further expect new conceptions related to the Grand High Witch and her depravities. So, fans will surely get the most entertaining scenes in The Witches movie.

THE WITCHES: Latest Announcements


Seems like that the fans have to hold on their impatience for at least a year. Stories are that initially, The Witches were confirmed to be released on 9th October and 16th October 2020 as the shooting and principal photography of this film has already done. But due to the outbreak COVID-19 pandemic, the production company proclaimed and shifted the release date in the year of 2021. So, fans have to keep patience for a longer time.

Let us check the list of casts specially enrolled for this movie:

The main protagonists are confirmed who are Jahzir Kadeem Bruno as The Boy and Octavia Spencer as The Grandmother. The Antagonist will definitely be the Grand High Witch and also other witches. The other main supporting casts are Stanley Tucci as Mr. Stringer, Codie-Lei Eastick as Bruno Jenkins, Charles Edwards as Mr. Jenkins, Morgana Robinson as Mrs. Jenkins, Simon Manyonda as Sous-Chef and Eugenia Caruso as Consuella. Chris Rock’s role is said to be unknown in this film. So, keep the ball rolling as there is lot to know.

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