The Woods Season 2: When We Are Getting The New Season Of This Drama Series


Appetite for content consumption

It’s been a really long lockdown but going out doesn’t seem to be the safest of an option either. But, hey why see all of this from a negative perspective instead let’s just say the glass is half full. Rather ranting about increasing weight why don’t we appreciate the delicacy we tasted of home-cooked meals and I also that we haven’t been an allure to go out to theatres to watch any movie but honestly had that stopped us from getting entertainment from the Magic of cinema. Instead, we would say that our consumption of content has just increased ten folds. 

To many options! What do I watch?

Platforms like Amazon, Netflix and many others have bombarded, us with the plethora of options in the form of movies, web series, specials and the others. And in this wide array of options, there are some that stand out making a name for themselves by not just having an audience but creating farms for themselves and one such series that recently captivated all us the Polish drama released on Netflix The Woods.

Oh! Harlan.

Based on the novel of the same name written by Harlan Coben, 


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and believe us when we say the man knows who to entertain an audience. Released on the 12th of June on Netflix, the mini-series received a decent rating of 6.6 on IMDB in two months and does Coben likes his own creation? May be this will answer it. 


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 In 6 captivating episodes, the story revolves around a Warsaw prosecutor who is trying to resolve the case that may lead to her sister who disappeared 25 years ago. 

Give us more.

Well, the series ends up on a note where our hero runs up getting all his questions answered. And all we end up is with the craving of a second season of the show but, there has been no buzz around for the second series add it may end up one season shoot and kill as Harlan has done this before with his earlier series on the platform ‘The Stranger’.

 Certainly, the audience wants more of it and we don’t mind waiting for some good content. But, as we stood there as been no buzz around the same. Well all we can do is hope for some statements or signs on the word for a Second season, till then we can wait and watch as there is this big ocean of content still to be explored.

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