The WWE Superstar You Didn’t Know Dipped Into Horror Movies

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Many similarities exist between WWE and acting. When the simulated combat sports aspect of the former is removed, what’s left are people playing characters in scripted storylines for our entertainment.

The majority of the time, these plots pit babyfaces against heels, which is thematically similar to the hero vs. villain battles seen in action and horror movies. As a result, it’s no surprise that many wrestlers have had great success in Hollywood in the past.

Among the most prolific actors to make the move from the squared circle are Dwayne Johnson, John Cena, and Dave Bautista. However, there have been a slew of WWE stars who have made an impression in films but haven’t achieved the same level of commercial success.

That’s because they’ve gravitated toward horror, probably because it matches their sensibilities and strengths. Glenn “Kane” Jacobs, for example, portrayed the monstrous villain Jacob Goodnight in the slasher series “See No Evil.” According to WhatCulture, Rey Mysterio was Robert Englund’s stunt double in “Freddy vs. Jason.”

Despite this, most wrestlers do not completely abandon their day jobs after appearing in films. However, one former WWE superstar is reportedly devoted solely to being a modern horror icon.

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In the world of indie horror, Phil Brooks is making a name for himself. 

Phil Brooks, better known as CM Punk in the WWE, has found a new calling. He’s dabbled in everything from mixed martial arts to writing Marvel comic books after leaving the squared circle in 2014. Brooks, on the other hand, has recently made a name for himself in gruesome, low-budget independent horror films, gaining critical acclaim in the process.

In the Soska Sisters’ remake of “Rabid,” he got a chance to show off his acting chops in a twisted tale of body horror and vampirism. In contrast, Travis Stevens’ “Girl on the Third Floor” demonstrated that Brooks is more than capable of playing the leading role.

He plays a sleazebag who moves into a haunted house only to find that his new home wants him to pay for his sins in the film. In his most recent film, “Jakob’s Wife,” he reunites with Stevens to play a sheriff, but Barbara Crampton’s performance as a vampire fed up with her stale marriage steals the show.

Brooks is clearly choosing projects that he is passionate about, collaborating with filmmakers and actors he admires. He’s had a blast making spooky videos for like-minded audiences as a lifelong follower of the horror genre. That’s because horror gives him the opportunity to sink his teeth into positions that he enjoys for various reasons.

Phil Brooks intends to continue producing horror films for years to come. 

Source: WWE

Brooks has shown a preference for grotesque films that include both food for thought and bloodletting after pursuing a career as a scream king. “Girl on the Third Floor,” for example, is as much a criticism of toxic masculinity as it is a tale about a haunted house.

The film “Jakob’s Wife” looks at female agency and the essence of long-term relationships. Brooks told App that movies like this appeal to him because “they get to Trojan horse you as the audience and mask what can be pretty deep, harrowing, psychological problems or even very topical issues.”

Brooks will also appear in more Travis Stevens films, as Stevens is establishing himself as an original and exciting project maker in his own right. Brooks decided to collaborate with the filmmaker because he was a fan of his previous work.

However, the former WWE superstar stated that their relationship has grown since then and that he hopes it will continue to grow. “I’m a lucky man,” Brooks said, “and I’ll do whatever Travis asks.” “We’ve been great friends, and I’d like to believe that our friendship will last a long time.”


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