The X-Men Just EXILED One of Their Greatest Allies – Again


It is not unusual for X-Men to cut off the ties between their closest allies. They have been quite brutal about who they chose as their partners and if any of them show any sign of lack of powers, they are the first to throw them out.

Franklin Richards, one of the most famous superhero sidekicks of the Marvel universe, was the latest person to be kicked out by Professor X. Xavier claimed that he found with the help of his Cerebro that Richards is not fit to be in their group as he is losing powers. This put Franklin in an even worse headspace as he was already worried about his superpowers vanishing.

Franklin Richards was not originally planning on staying in Krakoa. When the fight between the Fantastic Four and X Men came to an end, it was Cyclops who proposed that Richards can come to Krakoa with them to explore his mutant roots. Franklin’s parents weren’t crazy about this idea as well but they eventually let him go.

Now, with Professor X stating that Franklin RIchards was never a mutant, he is stuck in a very sticky position. Charles Xavier being so selective and isolating has not helped anyone. 

The same strict laws affected Wade Wilson and Deadpool as well. Though Wilson was quite cross about them doubting his mutant nature, he kept silent. But Deadpool on the other hand sneaked into Krakoa which led to a giant fight.

Let’s hope that Professor X comes back to his senses and welcomes the deserving people back again.

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