The Zack Snyder Film That Ruined This Actor’s Body

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In 2004, when “Dawn of Dead” was released, it gathered immense love and appreciation from the audience. Much fame will be given to its maker, Zack Snyder. It changed the whole course of his career. 

After that, he flourished much after releasing the movie adapted from the famous novel and a comic book named “300”. And then there was no turning back. 

Reviews of the movie:

This movie got 61% on Rotten Tomatoes and 8.9/10 on IMDB. But behind the success, we all can’t ignore the hard work of talented actors who worked hard from head to toe to make it their best. 

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Six-hour Makeup of Gerard Butler:

If anyone remembers the Spartan Warriors of “300”, they nailed their look by wearing helmets, leather shorts, and red caps. And displayed their muscles with utmost perfection. You all can’t deny that these muscles were the art of make-up and digital effects. 

This all-paid back Gerard Butler very badly. How?

Gerard was very much serious about his workout routine while the shooting of “300”. To fit into the role of Spartan Warriors, he was doing all that regularly. 

But one day, the Scottish talent fell on the gym mat and collided badly with the gravy train. On this, he joked, “I was not able to go back to the gym even once. I want to go back to my old days well quickly.”

Final Words: 

Here is nothing to blame Gerard. He worked very hard to get fit in the role. But still, according to the casts and crew, he worked very hard during the shooting of the movie. 

In an interview, Butler revealed that he started to get into the role of Spartan around 4-5 months back before the shooting of the movie. But only 2 months were left when this tragedy happened. 

We wish Gerard good health and best wishes to get well soon. If you wish to watch his movie “300”, just tap on the link to download and enjoy- 

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