There is a ‘purposeful’ connection between Sylvie and Loki, reveals Loki’s star

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Loki actor Sophia Di Martino claimed that her character and Loki had a “purposeful” relationship. The actress is performing Sylvie in the Marvel spin-off, which is one of the versions generated by the Avengers: The TVA is now chasing the Endgame Tesseract fallout.

Sophia has lately announced that she and Loki actor Tom Hiddleston will “screen each other’s steps” in order to highlight the similarities between themselves, as well as a shattered version of Loki’s crown.

Sophia said, “We tried to reflect each other from time to time, so as we walk, we try to reflect the steps of each other, and sometimes in fighting sequences, we created exceptionally replicated combat poses.

Source: Variety

“We both get into a similar posture in episode 3 outside the lift, which was intended to imply that they were similar but different.”

The commentaries of Sophia follow both their sexuality and gender-fluidity confirmations by Loki and their variants. They are also following the choice to declare sexuality on the screen of Loki, managing producer and director Kate Herron.

She said: “It was really essential for me from the minute I joined [Loki], and I aimed to recognise Loki bisexually. It’s a part of himself and myself, too.”

Loki is exclusively available on Disney+ every Wednesday with new episodes.

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