These Are the Best Hand Cannons in “Destiny 2”!

Courtesy: Looper

If anyone has watched “Destiny 2”, if asked from him which Hand Cannon is best, he will be confused for sure as there are ‘n’ number of Hand Cannons which are good in their way. Few can kill their enemies, while some irreversibly destroy them. 

Here is the list of a few of the best Hand Cannons to let you decide which one is best among all:

  • Ace of Spades: 

It is the 140 RPM HC that is imbibed with 5 perks. It has Kill Clip in six shots after reload. It can finch its target and cause a huge solar explosion. It can even maintain Rader at the time of aiming. 

If you are the fresher in Destiny 2, you must try Ace of Spades first.

  • Hawkmoon:

It is the 150 RPM HC that takes the credit of increasing range and reload speed on its own. If only one bullet is left in the clip, Hawkmoon is known to increase the damage caused. 

If it is set on an x6 stack, it will cause huge damage to its enemies. Hawkmoon is also known for rolling the eyes. In short, we can conclude that it is one of the top-tier weapons ever seen. 

  • Igneous Hammer:

It is the 120 RPM HC, one of the strongest weapons in Destiny 2. It is known to roll the whole game with amazing perks. 

If come into action, PvE enemies won’t be able to stand against it. It can even roll the Killing Wind and kill its opponents. The greatest feature of this HC is that it can bring out any of its modes you wish to adopt at any point of time. 

There is no other HC in Destiny 2 that can match the power of Igneous Hammer. 

  • Bottom Dollar: 

A 110 RPM HC. It is having a very large perk pool, which’s why increasing the chance to drop after Gambit. 

This weapon has a very high damaging capacity which doesn’t let any of its PvE enemy to stand against it. It can further cause a huge rampage. If any perk is active in the gun clip, the opponent can die without any effort.

Courtesy: Looper

Just a shot and the game are finished. It is loaded with certain features like Opening Shot and Killing Wind. Very easy to use that can be used by fresher too. 

These were few of the best Hand Cannons. Now you have to decide which one to use. Stream the game for free by downloading from a 

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