These are the moments from The Big Bang Theory that went way too far.

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The Big Bang Theory was typically a fine programme, but sometimes in its earliest seasons, it veered into awkward terrain. As the protagonists grow older and get together, the humour of the show decreased, yet at times the witches may be quite risky and even insulting.

“The Big Bang Theory” is sometimes described as when viewers consider how dull and edgy they have gone much too far. The unskilled people in society have often done something that goes from unpleasantly hilarious to straight-up scary. Like Raj’s time with an ecstasy anxiety-like medication that has taken his inhibits off so much that he takes off all his clothing and offers a coffee shop to a woman.

It was time for Sheldon to talk to his lab assistant Alex about her appeal to Leonard, which was woefully inadequate. Beyond that, remember not to drunk Sheldon’s time and performed a badly advised stand-up comedy performance in front of an amused scientist room. But, according to a survey, there are two plotting of The Big Bang Theory among fans.

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The time Amy supplied cigarettes to a nicotine-suffering monkey she brought home out of her laboratory went too far, 25.75 per cent of the respondents think. Most people don’t consider very funny animal cruelty.

In the fourth episode of the Season, “The Dissection of Agreements,” Sheldon visits Amy and meets Ricky, who sits on a table and smoke chain. Amy adds that it is part of the nicotine addiction study in the Department of Neurobiology, and she brought him home as she would like him to spend an enjoyable time killing him. Amy didn’t give a monkey cigarettes for herself; she did science research. But she is still subjected to a slow and horrible death deliberately and voluntarily by a monkey, which goes too far. Just because science can’t imply, science ought to.

Fans hated “the Big Bang Theory’s” Amy’s smoking monkey but not more than this. In general, Howard’s handling of women is what more people believe went too far into “The Big Bang Theory.” In the poll, Creepy Howard significantly removed Amy’s smoking monkey by 26,87%.

In the early seasons — before Howard gets together and settles with Bernadette — he actively pursues the offspring of women, especially Penny, who, despite having no interest in him, is fascinated with early in the show’s life. There are so many examples of Howard’s gross conduct towards women that it is difficult to identify the particular ones that are more distinguished than others.

It came to light that he once installed a webcam on a teddy bear and presented it to Penny to spy on her at her apartment. Probably the most grumpy thing he ever did. “The Big Bang Theory” was first launched in 2007. However, cultural behaviours have not altered so long ago that Howard’s harassment cannot be shown in the present as innocuous and funny. Honestly, the outcomes were even so close because Howard too often went so uncomfortably. It was amazing.

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