These series left us with questions when they ended

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While nobody wants to terminate their favourite show, we all hope that the outcome will be satisfactory if it has to happen. However, nobody wants a series to hang them, shout on the TV, and ask questions that are never resolved. Unfortunately, we have been left wondering what has just transpired in some of the finest TV series of all time. Two of the best-known series of entirely distinct genres that have left us with more questions than answers are:


Creator Vince Gilligan confessed that many fans of Breaking Bad thought to be the critical “Felina” and that a good percentage of them would disappoint. But most of its qualities gave satisfactory results. It was not about the end itself that the main question was, but how things started. The show follows each inch of the transformation of Walter White brutally accurately. What’s lacking is the simple beginning, which made the conclusion so meaningful indirectly.

By chasing his former Gray Matter colleagues, Walt does what he plans to do in the very early episode—spend his family when he dies. But we never learn why first of all, he selected life as a science teacher for a prosperous career as a scientist. We receive several versions of the storey instead. Instead, Walt’s perspective points to the resentment that ultimately caused him to become a criminal master intellect. Without an explanation, Gretchen insists he fled.

Walt’s voyage from a teacher to a drug administrator is significant and correct. But as it may be the impulse to his eventual crime life, we are particularly concerned about how to transition from an all-star chemist to a teacher.

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You knew it would be on the list. The final of “How I Meet Your Mother” has left many things unknown, as well as grieving fans. First and foremost, how about the end-of-life disease could the mother have experienced so rapidly, yet it does not seem to damage her youth and brilliance in any way?

And what happened to her band as if her mother’s awful death were not bad enough? The fact that Ted unwittingly helped her recover her crew from a usurper was a whole picture of Tracy’s character—as well as her first indirect first meeting with Ted. For Tracy and them both as a couple, it was a great occasion. Did they ever make it as a couple?

And we know that Ted fled the marriage mid-reception, talking about the development of character and relationships. But Tracy, the wedding bassist, met on the sidelines. Has she, a hired performer, suddenly disappear for the whole night? And when Ted started to trace, he was unemployed because he left his new position in Chicago to stay with her in New York. But even desperate romantics have their accounts to pay, so what about that?

But maybe the most severe injustice of the series was that we never found out where Ted received that pineapple.

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