Things that an adult would notice in Lilo and Stitch

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Walt Disney Animation has definitely had its share of consecutive flops after its conquering rum during the ‘90s with Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Treasure Planet, and Home on the Range. These flops clearly marked an end to the studio’s hand-drawn animation for nearly half a decade. However, amidst this series of flops, Disney found a way to make its place in people’s hearts with a small-scale story regarding a girl and her boy or whatsoever the creature Stitch was.

Considering the results the studio came up with, this adaptation was undoubtedly the best movie they produced. Lilo and Stitch was a story revolving around a genetically engineered killing machine that had been adopted by a little girl. This was a slapstick adventure for kids as the plot opened up doors for whacky aliens. On the other hand, you could watch it with an entirely different perspective as an adult that would aid you in picturizing a much darker world of the living.

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You may have missed a lot while watching the movie for the first time. Take a roll at the cultural references, background gags, and other subtle details back again to realize where the movie had been pointing at all this while. It would surely hit differently!

Even before Stitch drops from the sky, the movie addresses Lilo and her big sister, Nani’s situation as we know that their parents had recently passed away. Nani was that sort who could barely keep food on the table and Lilo was always at threat of being kidnapped or taken away from the state. However, the situation only worsens further with Stitch spoiling it for Nani with her job.

For kids, this may seem like any other adventure full of problems. But for adults, Lilo’s character was definitely excruciatingly weird having a dark background with it. It did seem realistic though. She seemed to be in some great deep trauma that certainly respects an adult’s intelligence.


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