Things you forgot happened in Speed!!

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The action movie was released on the big screen in 1994 and went straight to the top at the box office. It was director Jan de Bont’s first-ever movie, and it was a great success. The movie made Keanu Reeves one of the biggest action stars in Hollywood. 

Many movies of that era have lost their charm with time, but Speed still thrills. It is because of its amazing screenplay and story that if someone starts watching it, he or she won’t get up before it is finished because it always keeps the viewer hooked till the end. 

It is a long time since the movie was released, but there are still some fine details that fans might have forgotten with time. Everyone must recall that most of the movie takes place on a bus where a bomb is installed, but how many of you recall that it begins with an elevator explosion? Let’s find out what all is forgotten. 

A shoe that gets a shaft

The movie is not vaguely stretched. It begins with the villain, Howard Payne killing a security guard because he questioned him on why he was roaming around the elevator in an office building. Payne is revealed as the villain in the very first scene when he takes the elevator hostage and asks for a million dollars of ransom money, or he’ll just shoot them all. Jack Traven and his partner, Harry Temple bring these people out from the death trap.

A different kind of trolley problem

Jack and Harry put up random questions called “pop-up quiz” to each other when in misery. When they are in the elevator woes, Harry questions Jack whether this elevator hostage will lead to an airplane hostage. Jack answers that he would shoot the hostage to reach the bad guy. Harry was shocked by his ruthless answer but later agreed with him.

A phone call and some payback

It is easy to forget a thing about the plot of the speed that before the actual big scene starts, there was another bus which was blown up. Before Howard told John about bus number 2525, he targeted another bus.

Courtesy: Looper

A carjacking and a crash

When Jack was unable to catch the bus before it reaches the speed required for an explosion, he stops a man at gunpoint and takes his vehicle, and forces him to help to write a message for the bus driver.

We have mentioned what we remember. Let us know what you remember. Stay tuned with us and follow the space for more updates.


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