This Idris Elba Movie Is Currently #1 on Netflix

This Idris Elba Movie Is Currently #1 on Netflix
This Idris Elba Movie Is Currently #1 on Netflix

Earlier this week, we raved about Devil All the Time, which was ranked the number one movie on Netflix, but not for long.

While it originally premiered in 2016, The Take is making a comeback after debuting on the streaming service. The Idris Elba flick recently dethroned Devil All the Time on Netflix, but it’s not receiving all positive feedback. Here’s what you need to know.

The Take is a truly international endeavour, with American, French, and Luxembourgian studios all taking part in its production. It was co-written and helmed by British director James Watkins, who is responsible for the underrated 2012 feature The Woman in Black, as well as one of the most purely disturbing episodes of Black Mirror, season 3’s “Shut Up and Dance.”

Aside from the suave and dashing Elba, the cast includes at least one face which should be very familiar to Americans: co-lead Richard Madden, who starred on the first three seasons of HBO’s smash hit series Game of Thrones (and who is lined up to portray the hero Ikaris in Marvel Studios’ upcoming Eternals).

Among the flick’s supporting players are Charlotte Le Bon (The Promise), Kelly Reilly (Yellowstone), José Garcia (Now You See Me), and Eriq Ebouaney (Domino).

The movie (which is sometimes referred to as Bastille Day) follows a rogue CIA agent (Elba) as he teams up with an unlikely partner slash pickpocket (Richard Madden). Together, they develop an undercover operation in Paris in an attempt to stop a terrorist conspiracy.


Despite the widespread popularity, the movie is also getting some criticism for its subtitles. The Netflix captions left many viewers confused, simply because the French dialogue translations weren’t included in the text. Even when subscribers opted for English (cc) subtitles, the French words remained untranslated.

One Twitter user wrote, “What’s the use of putting The Take on Netflix if you’re not going to sub the French parts. Half the freaking movie is in French with no subtitles. Come onnnn. This is just stupid.”

We will see what will happen next. We will update you further about the movie, till then stay connected and enjoy your life.



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