“This is the most meaningful aspect of the programme,” according to a The Walking Dead executive.


This is the 11th and last season of The Walking Dead. The show’s executive producer Angela Kang has taken a moment to reflect on its legacy and the show’s final season officially premiered last week (August 22), with the second episode airing last night. Unfortunately, the show’s 10th season was delayed until 2020 and 2021 due to COVID-related difficulties (August 29).

Kang spoke to Digital Spy on the show’s legacy and what she’d like to say to viewers who quit watching in previous seasons. ‘We don’t want to disappoint the fans, but they’re not all the same,’ she said. “Everyone has their own set of expectations,” she says. “As authors, actors, and everyone else, we’re admirers of the art.”

I think this season contains a lot of the elements that people liked about The Walking Dead when they started watching it,” Kang said in response to a question about what she would say to viewers contemplating a return. You will be scared, but the story will also touch you. So many different types of people are involved as well as questions concerning philosophy that I believe people found extremely interesting.”

Kang said she thinks people will remember The Walking Dead as a show that “gave some fun and comfort during years when there was a great deal of uncertainty.”

“It’s great that people enjoyed themselves and found someone with whom they could identify.” Lots of people say, “I haven’t seen somebody like me on TV very often, but I’ve seen them on the show, and my family either understand each other better or feel better about ourselves,” says Sherry.

“I also know that many of our followers have discovered a sense of camaraderie with one another. Many of us who work on the show value the sense of camaraderie the most.”

With order, regulations and even the US dollar, the Commonwealth does sound like it offers some normalcy in The Walking Dead’s insane world, NME reported in a recap of episode two of the last season. What the show achieves with this new setting will be interesting to see – you can be sure that things won’t be going smoothly behind the walls.”



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