‘This Is Us’ Fans Are BEYOND Furious at the Show’s Latest Season 5 Episode News


This is Us is a 2016 show featuring the lives of three siblings. It is set in two different timelines and the story alternates between them. The show has been quite a hit and the main reason why many like the show so much is because of its authenticity and how it portrays real life events in the most realist and entertaining way possible. 

You can watch the trailer of the show here- 

What has happened so far?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the release of the show was postponed to 10 November 2020. Then it was announced that the premiere episode will be launched by 27 October 2020 itself. This got fans really excited. 

The first official episode of the show was two hour long and then the second episode was released two weeks later than usual due to the US elections. Just when fans were sighing of relief, another bomb was dropped.

What infuriated the fans?

They announced that the next episode will make it to the screen only next year on 5 January 2021. (You can find the official announcement they posted on Twitter here-

Many fans were devastated when they heard that they will not be seeing anymore “This is Us” episodes this year. “I can’t handle this I miss you already” a fan commented on their announcement post on Twitter.

On top of all this, the last episode ended in a cliffhanger with some twists regarding Randall’s birth mom. But the health of the crew is more important. So let’s hope that the production is made safely without compromising anyone’s health or the quality of the show.

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