This Is Us Season 5: What Details And Info We Have On Its Cast And Teased Storyline


It has been quite some time since fans learned about the fifth chapter of NBC’s This Is Us. Here we have gathered all the important information about what you can expect in the next season of This Is Us. 

This Is Us season 5: When will it release?

In this section, you will find all about the air date of This Is Us season 5. NBC’s hit show has made us happy, laugh and cry. 

And after realizing that it is getting a new season, fans can’t control their happiness and want to know more about the upcoming season. The hit family drama series has been renewed and will hit the screens soon.

Dan Fogelman, who is the series creator, revealed that he has finished writing the scripts of the season premiere of the new season. Apart from that, we believe that they are planning to create more seasons in the future. Dan also said that they have mapped out the plot further for the fifth and the sixth part.

This Is Us Season 5: What Details And Info We Have On Its Cast And Teased Storyline

This Is Us Season 5 Production Update

If we look at the release pattern of the past seasons, you will notice that all the last four seasons were released in September. So we can expect the fifth season to arrive in the same month of 2020. We are assuming the show’s return in mid-September or by the end of it.

 However, Mandy Moore stated that she has no idea when production will start for season 5. The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has become a huge barrier to the show. In July, she also said that they would begin the work that week. So they were expected to go back to work after the Fourth of July. We are not sure exactly when they will begin the production of season 5.

 But if it gets delayed further, then it might affect the launch date of the upcoming season. There are some rumors that all the cast will be returning in the next season. You can check out the Instagram post to see who will be there in the fifth season.

Will This Is Us Season 5 be huge? Here is what the creator has to say

The family drama series creator has assured the fans that something big is going to happen in the upcoming season. If you have watched the fourth season finale, then you already know the surprise. This Is Us is popular among their fans for mind-blowing twists.

So we can expect the new season to have a lot of drama. The creator and his writers are still trying to include two major events, which are Black Lives Matter and the ongoing pandemic. Fans are excited to see their version of the Coronavirus storyline.


The series has always used relevant topics from reality. So the viewers are expecting the upcoming season to be similar to the past seasons. 

Fans are excited to see what family up to in this current situation is. We will be back with more news about This Is Us series, so stay tuned.



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