This Is What a Typical Sunday Looks Like at Kathy Wakile’s House


Sunday afternoon lunches are something everyone looks forward to. Delicious home-cooked food served hot with the whole family at the dining table makes a perfect weekend where every member expresses how their week was spent and emotions to the family. It contributes to a perfect afternoon with family. This is exactly what Walkie did on a random Sunday. She took this moment of her life to the Instagram story and soon went viral by the fans.


The Real Housewives of New Jersey star shared some Instagram stories where she can be seen with her mother cooking some delicious cavatelli. The star is in her Franklin Lakes kitchen in the stories and the stories were shared on 18th October 2020. Walkie’s mother proudly says in one of the stories that homemade food is the best and further says that she is making this dish since she was 5 years old. Apart from cavatelli, the daughter-mother duo also cooked a short rib with homemade red sauce. The fans reacted to the stories with a beaming face and wished if only they could also taste the delicious homemade cavatelli. Walkie was visibly excited about the special Sunday lunch and it seemed she had become a child all over again. 

There can be no better way to spend your Sunday other than this. Homemade food is just the best. Its taste cannot match any five-star restaurants. It the love of your mother that makes it so delicious and if you have helped her in the process of making the food then the taste enhances by many times. Do try this at home and share your experience with us.

Good day! 


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