This is Will Smith’s Worst Movie, According To 28% of people


With an amazing career Will Smith started off his Journey as one of the hip hop duo and then making a jump from music to acting. He has starred in the biggest action blockbuster hits of all times which includes 1996 alien invasion classic Independence Day, the 1997 action comedy Men in Black and the popular Bad Boys Franchise.

For over 30 decades Smith has appeared in more then 30 movies and no one makes these many movies without producing some stinkers.Rather than relying on the critics, looper polled 528 moviegoers in the United States to know which one they thought to be the worst Will Smith’s movie from the six films that were given.The results showed a clear cut winner and ironically according to the pole the guy who made the worst Will Smith’s movie also made one of the best.

Lopper’s poll result stated that 28% of the respondents admitted 1999 action- comedy western Wild Wild West to be the worst movie and stated that Will Smith never should have gone to this movie. Smith have repeatedly stated this movie as the low point movie in his career.

16.67% of the vote agrees with the 2013 post- apocalyptic film After Earth to be the worst,, in which Smith co-starred with his son Jaden. 

15.53% of the vote is with the 2016’s DC super villain flick Suicide Squad in which Smith the played the role of the assassin Deadshot. 

In the fourth position with 12.12% of the vote is the 2016 ensemble drama Collateral Beauty

2004 Sci-fi action movie film I, Robot comes in the fifth position with 11.74% and 9.66% respectively. 

Last comes I am legend making it the least bad movie of Will Smith. 


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